Catering & Functions

A great venue for any small function

We will be able to cater for small functions up to 50 guests.

We are confident that the guests and the local community will enjoy Jannie’s amazing baking skills. With my creativity and Jannie’s baking we are able to light up any child’s face with our birthday cakes.

We also make wedding cakes to each bride‚Äôs specifications and satisfaction. The various chocolate cakes to die for and the vanilla so light it’s like eating clouds. The carrot cakes are moist and delicious, the red velvets and granadilla cakes very tasty. He also makes amazing small treats, cupcakes and various breads.

The light meals that will be served at The Blue Moon will also be cooked by him. Be sure that we will only use the best ingredients and that a few surprises will tinkle your taste buds.

The Blue Moon offers a variety of light meals daily from 07h00 to 20h00.

The Blue Moon also offers scrumptious breakfasts for those who enjoy a little additional pampering. Why not choose the health option if you want to keep the calories in check?

Our Menu

Welcome to The Blue Moon Guesthouse and Restaurant 14 Primrose Street, Sutherland.

In our strive to serve food as tasty and fresh as possible, we may take a few minutes longer to bring it to your plate, but it is worth the wait.

1. A Good Start

Medium Roast Coffee  (Plunger)

Illy Medium Roast Coffee

Nescafe Classic / Decaf

Condensed Milk Coffee (Nescafe)

Glen Tea

Rooibos Tea, Five Roses Select

Twinings of London Tea, Earl Grey

Milo / Hot Chocolate

Speciality Coffees  (Dolce Gusto)

Cappuccino, Café Au Lait, Americano, Chai tea, Latte, Espresso

2. Breakfast

The Quick One

One Egg *, Bacon, Tomato, Toast, Coffee or Juice

Blue Moon

Juice, Two Eggs*, Two rashers Bacon, Two slices Toast, Pork Sausage, Fried Tomato followed by Coffee or Tea.

The Big One

Choice of Cereal and yogurt, Juice, Two Eggs*, Two rashers Bacon, Two slices Toast, Pork Sausage, Fried Tomato followed by Coffee or Tea.

Allday Breakfast

100 gm Steak, Two rashers Bacon, Two eggs*, chips

150 gm Steak, Two rashers Bacon, Two eggs*, chips

100 gm Lambchop, Two rashers Bacon, Two eggs*, chips

Egg options:  Fried, Poached or Scrambled

Health Nut

Muesli with yogurt, fresh fruit when available

Sweet tooth

Flapjack stack (oozing with butter and syrup), Honey, Chocolate or Caramel sauce

French Toast

Two slices dipped in a wholesome egg /cheese mixture pan fried with bacon


Two egg omelette

Three egg omelette

With any three fillings: Onion, Mushroom, Cheese, Green / Red pepper or Tomato


Chips, Side Salad, Toast, Bacon, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Mushroom, Onion, Green/Red pepper, Savoury Mince, Ham or Salami

3. Light Meals

Soup of the day

Served with a bread roll and butter


Served hot with sugar and cinnamon


Traditional  (2 Cinnamon & Sugar Pancakes)

Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or pancake syrup


Filled Pancakes  

Variety of Sweet and Savoury

Standard, Double and Moonwalk

4. More Serious Meals



Lamb neck

Lamb curry



Bangers and mash

Pork or beef ribs


Build your own Pizza or sub.

5. Waffles

Variety of sweet waffles and sauces

Standard, Double and Howlin at the Moon

6. Home Made Pies

Beef, Lamb or Spinach

7. Grilled Kebabs
(Two Skewers Served on a bed of rice or chips)

Sensational Rump Kebabs,  Aromatic Lamb ,  Rosemary Chicken or Vegetables  (Seasonal)

8. Milkshakes




Bubble Gum



Crème Brule

Toffee Nut

Roasted Hazelnut

Normal,  Kids size, Double Thick or Moon Crazy!

9. Soft Drinks

Standard variety of soft drinks available, including iced teas, still and sparkling water

10. Soda Floats

Coke and Cream Soda

11. After Thought

Ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Malva pudding

Chocolate pudding

12. Cake of the Day

Slices served with cream

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