About Us

The story of how we decided to make Sutherland our home.


We both worked in the corporate environment and were getting closer to retirement. Front view 3With us both being busy bodies, retirement was not an option. We needed something to keep us busy. Jannie an enthusiastic chef, established baker and all the technical skills in the world definitely needed something to do.

We were invited by Ian & Cathy, owners of the White House Inn and long-time friends to visit for a few days in Sutherland. Like most South Africans we knew more or less where it was and that it was known as the coldest town in the country, but was not aware of the amazing people and environment.

Driving around town and observing the old houses awoke something in both of us. The town felt isolated for both of us, so but at the same time, not too far from civilization and we could still be in touch with the ‘outside world’. Here we don’t have all the malls and Woolworth’s food shops, (which I will truly miss – I was wondering will they deliver food if I order online?) but there is enough to get by.

Without the weekly treats which we so conveniently bought I guess we will now create our own and share it with our guests at The Blue Moon and we have always loved entertaining and pampering our guests at home, so now we will have to do it on a much bigger scale and professional scale.

Dining room 2There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people enjoy your hospitality and food. The fact that they always want to come back or even refer their friends to come over and have a good time or experience, is very rewarding and hart warming.

What we will miss most by moving to Sutherland are our wonderful and perfect grandchildren. Although two beautiful rosy cheeked granddaughters live in the UK, we leave another two perfect grandkids behind in Pretoria.

It will be an honour to introduce them to our guests and newly made friends. With their own individual personalities they will contribute to the warm hospitality atmosphere at The Blue Moon. Typical proud grandparents we all feel that your grandchildren are special and exceptionally extraordinary individuals.

We also would like to thank our children and family for the encouragement and trust in our abilities, especially my brother JAS. Without his help and assistance we never would have been able to make it.

Hope we see you all soon to experience wonderful food, hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere. The house we bought turns out to be either 90 or 96 years old, we are trying to get the verified as the first title deed on the property dates back to 1906!

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